Warmboard Radiant Floor Systems

Warmboard Radiant Floor Systems

Warmboard Radiant Subfloor 
                                Now there's a better way
  • Warmboard is the only radiant heat system that combines a structurally rated subfloor and radiant heat panel in one elegantly simple system. 

  • Warmboard panels are bonded with a think sheet of highly conductive aluminum -- aluminum that conducts heat hundreds of times better than concrete without the added complications.

  • A modular pattern of grooves is routed into the panels creating an easy to follow tubing layout. The superior conductivity of Warmboard allows tubing to be spaced 12" o.c. saving money and labor. 

  • Warmboard responds faster and runs lower water temperatures giving you even, comfortable, energy efficient radiant heat.

  • Warmboard allows the broadest range of choices for floor coverings -- plush carpet, tile, select hardwood -- no problem.

Warmboard Radiant Subfloor:
Performance and value in one simple package.

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