The Building Process - Step 8

As part of our eight step guide to a quickly built log home, here is the last step where we discuss how you can avoid delays during your construction.

Think Fast
Eight steps to a quickly built log home
by: Charles Bevier

Step 8 - Avoid Delays:
Log homes aren't immune to factors that can delay any project. Bad weather can certainly slow construction, as can a lack of talented labor—particularly during the peak of a building season. Make sure these factors don't delay your project by having contingency plans in place.

Another sure way to create a delay is to deviate from your blueprints. Your lender bases his loan on your plans, and regular inspections are scheduled to see if you're complying. If you alter your plan or make last-minute design changes, your project will have to go through the loan application and approval process yet again. If possible, pick an appraiser who understands the value of log homes. You certainly don't want someone to undervalue your dream house, which can delay construction or mean that you have to come up with more cash.

Are these eight steps critical? You bet. But they're also manageable, especially if you're diligent, proactive and able to keep an eye on potential problem areas. So, set aside a little money for invitations—you could be hosting a feast with family and friends in your new home in no time.

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