Striped Decor for Log Homes | Clare's Wares | Cabin Decor Ideas

This perennial pattern can merge with any type of decor, from posh Park Avenue penthouse to cozy cabin in the woods.

No matter what shape, size or color they are, stripes are always a classic. (They’d have to be to earn a place on our flag, right?) That means this perennial pattern can merge with any type of decor, looking just as at home in a posh Park Avenue penthouse as in your cozy cabin in the woods.

With so many striped variations out there, it was quite a task to narrow down this month’s picks—but in the end, I went for items that deftly mix an earth-toned element (which grounds them in the log-home aesthetic) with cheerful pops of color.

Jewel Box

You’ve heard it time and again: Incorporating new throw pillows is the easiest (and cheapest!) way to give your home an instant refresher—and I can’t think of anything more revitalizing than the gorgeous jewel tones on this silk striped pillow from Crate & Barrel. The combination of deep fuschia, orange, gold and moss calls to mind the stunning shades of autumn, making it the perfect choice for a seasonal accent. (Of course, this color combination will play off your logs brilliantly all year long, too!) $21.95 Call 800-967-6696, or click here.

Cuddle Up

The great thing about stripes is that they can instantly unify your decor by tying together several of a room’s accent colors. That’s one reason I was drawn to this luscious chenille throw from Restoration Hardware—the warm browns and taupes will echo the tones of your logs, while the contrast of soft green, cool blue or rich red lets you give a nod to other colors in your decor. The other reason I love it? I can just imagine snuggling up under it while reading a good book. $69 Call 800-910-9836, or click here.


When you frame a photo, you always want the image to be what stands out—but does that mean the frame itself has to be lackluster? I certainly hope not! With their bright multicolored stripes, Pottery Barn’s raffia frames will never blend into the background—but they will draw your eye toward the picture inside. Filling them with black-and-white or sepia-toned images (which are now a breeze to create from simple snapshots, thanks to digital photo-editing software) will create a striking effect. $39 (small), $49 (large) 888-779-5176, or click here.