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These 3 companies will slap a name on a whole slew of stuff free of charge.

Log Home Living | by: Clare Martin  
As a kid, I was possessed by an all-consuming obsession over things embossed with my name—probably because, thanks to its nontraditional spelling, I never could actually find anything with my name on it. Today, however, I don't waste much time fruitlessly searching racks of personalized toothbrushes—and that's partly because we live in such a monogram-friendly society. While embroidering initials on bath towels was once the province of newlyweds eager to show off their combined monikers, these days it's a great way to add a custom touch to everything from bed linens to barware. While many companies charge a nominal fee (usually $5 to $10) to personalize their products, I've managed to dig up a few that will slap a name on a whole slew of stuff free of charge. Be prudent when buying monogrammed items, though—because they've been customized, once you order them, they can't be returned.  
Restoration Hardware The retro-styled chain store has a small selection of items available with free monograms, including plush robes and sumptuous Egyptian cotton bedding. I'm partial to the hefty glass beer mugs, which can be etched with either a traditional three-letter monogram or a single initial, and will ensure that no one makes off with your pint of Guinness. $69 each Call 800-910-9836, or visit click here. Restoration Hardward Mug

Horchow The home-goods arm of Neiman Marcus has a wide range of items that can be monogrammed free of charge—everything from fireplace screens to pool floats. Given the site's premium on luxury, this is a great place to stock up on classic monogrammed towels. Ralph Lauren's Egyptian cotton Lawton towels are surprisingly affordable, come in a variety of fun colors, and can be monogrammed in one of seven styles. $14 to $27 each Call 877-944-9888, or visit click here. Horchow

The Company Store The Wisconsin-based retail outlet will apply free monogramming to a number of its textiles, from fleece throws to super-high-thread-count bedding. My favorite monogrammed item on offer? This basic wool blanket, which will keep you warm on chilly nights and is machine-washable (because you just know the occasional hot-chocolate spill is inevitable). $79 to $149 Call 800-323-8000, or visit click here. beer bottle glasses