Storage Solutions for Better Kitchens

Six tips to add value and space to your kitchen.

Better Kitchens Storage Solutions - Better Kitchens
Six tips to add value and space to your kitchen.
by: editorial staff

Storage is the best-kept secret to a successful kitchen. "It can actually add $10,000 to the value of your kitchen," reveals Robin Rigby-Fisher, certified master kitchen and bath designer of the Neil Kelly Company in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Here are 6 of Robin's tried-and-true storage tips:

1. Keep your pantry efficient by placing it close to the kitchen but away from the main work area.

2. Order storage pieces from your cabinet manufacturer so that they fit the space correctly. It costs more up front, but saves money in the long run.

3. “Put things away” mentally on a piece of paper. By planning ahead where the cutlery, dishes and stemware will go, you’ll be able to create an organized, functional space.

4. Keep your oil, vinegar, flour and other frequently used cooking items in an easily accessed area of the kitchen.

5. Store lesser-used items—such as a fondue pot, dried goods and canned goods—in a pantry out of the main work area.

6. Categorize each area by determining what accessories go in each place. For example, the clean-up area might have linen storage and garbage bags, while the baking area might have a mixer and baking trays.