Step 2: How To Make a Rustic Twig Frame | Prep the Frame

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How To: Make a Rustic Twig Frame
by: Leah Kerkman | Log Home Design

Step 2: Prep the Frame
prep the frame with paintYou can either paint the frame or decoupage it. Painting the frame is less time-consuming, but since it’s not as pretty as the decoupage outcome, you’ll spend more time covering it with twigs. Decoupaging is a bit fussier, but it’s a good solution if you have decorative paper on-hand you want to use up or if you have some attractive twigs and other natural elements to display.

stain the frameApply the paint using a foam brush. When painting the frame, you can add a little bit of water to the paint to create a softer look. That way, the grain of the wood will still show through and it looks more natural. Keep in mind, though, that only small patches of the painted surface will show through the twig design, so it doesn’t need to be a first-rate paint job. Do be sure to get cover the edges with paint, though. Wipe off any excess paint with a paper towel and allow to dry.

decoupage the frameIf you choose to decoupage, mix about one part craft glue to one part water. The result should be milky: a thin consistency yet still opaque. Next, tear or cut strips of the decorative paper. These strips will cover the surface and sides of the frame. Cover a portion of the frame with the glue and water mixture using a foam brush. Place a strip over the glue, then cover the paper strip with another layer of the glue mix.

cover the frame with stripsContinue this process until the frame is completely covered in the paper strips. It’s fine to overlap these strips. In fact, it adds texture and visual interest when it’s done this way. Make sure that you’ve covered the interior and exterior edges of the frame, too, since these will show through. Allow to dry thoroughly.

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