Step 2 | Designing Your Candle Holder | How-To: Make a Woodland Candle Holder

Here is step two from our guide to making your own woodland candle holder, where we help you design your candle holder.

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Make a Woodland Candle Holder

Step 2: Designing Your Candle Holders
by: Leah Kerkman | Log Home Design

Step 2: Designing Your Candleholders
designing your candleholderMap out your design. The first layer will be your botanicals, which will then be covered by a layer of glue and tissue paper. Place the botanicals you want to work with on the glass container, eyeballing it to see how many of each variety you will need. We worked with store-bought skeleton leaves and sprigs of fern, but plant cuttings and pressed flowers from your property would work just as well.

We chose an alternating design of a skeleton leaf, fern, skeleton leaf, and so on.

What You'll Need Determining Design Gluing the Botanicals Finishing Touches
wreath supplies prep the wreath design the wreath hanging a wreath

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