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Learn more about the pros, cons and durability of steel as a potential material to use for your log home door.

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Put your log home's best face forward with the perfect front door.
by: Wyatt Myers

Material: Steel

What It Is:
The top choice for security and durability, steel doors have also come a long way in the looks department. Many even have an embossed wood grain pattern.

The Look:
Some have a grain, and all have a colored finish, which is created by baked-on polyester, vinyl or paint.

Moderate (incredibly durable; only an occasional coat of paint is necessary).

Durable, strong and safe; less expensive than other options; making great strides in the style department.

Available only with a colored finish; can show dents and dings; lacks the warmth of wood; high-end options cost almost as much as wood doors.

$150 to $1,000

Peach Tree Doors and Windows, Avanti steel door,
Steel door

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