Squeak Ender: Cures for Squeaky Floors

Stop wood floors from squeaking with Squeak Ender.

Cure: Squeak Ender

Price: $7.69

What else you’ll need: Phillips-head screwdriver and an adjustable wrench.

How it works: The separation of the subfloor and joist (often caused by the contraction and expansion of wood due to humidity) is the main culprit behind creaking floors. Squeak-Ender permanently pulls the subfloor snugly against the joist with an attached bracket and an anchor plate, stopping movement along the nails and holding the two pieces together.

Why it’s worth it: You can use it both during construction and for after-the-fact repairs. And, because it solves the squeak from below the floor, there’s no damage to the floor surface.

The downside: Squeak-Ender only works where you have easy access to the subfloor (e.g., in an unfinished basement or crawlspace). Floors with finished ceilings below them or with no subfloor access can’t be fixed with Squeak-Ender. Also, it may take more than one Squeak-Ender unit to alleviate the problem, as each unit accommodates a 4-square-foot section of flooring.

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