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Discover the pros, cons, durability and cost of the crown jewel of front doors: solid wood.

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Put your log home's best face forward with the perfect front door.
by: Wyatt Myers

Material: Solid Wood

What It Is: 
The crown jewel of front doors, these are the most expensive and typically need to be custom-made by millwork or woodworking shops.

The Look: 
Natural, and perhaps the best fit for a log home. Can be rustic or elegant, intricate or simple.

Low (the exterior may need to be refinished every 2 to 3 years, especially if exposed to the elements)

Custom, natural look that’s difficult to duplicate; well-suited to log homes

Expensive; not a good insulator compared to other options; may take a few weeks to a few months to build; can bow, warp, and expand or contract with the weather

$600 to $4,000

Jeff Ayers hand-carved cherry door, 906-544-2520,
Solid wood door

Solid Wood Door Wood/veneer-finish grade Wood/Veneer-Paint Grade Fiberglass composite door Steel door
Solid Wood
Veneer-Finish Veneer-Paint
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