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Need decor ideas for log homes? Look no further than these featured artists-the people behind some of your favorite cabin decor.'s Artist Profiles:

Cole and Sons Inc. | Stone Furniture ArtisansCole and Sons Inc. | Stone Furniture Artisans
Creating works from natural and manmade materials, this father-and-son team designs original pieces made for each customer’s practical and aesthetic needs.

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Darrin Potter | Driftwood ArtisanDarrin Potter | Driftwood Artisan
Made from centuries-old driftwood, Darrin Potter's one-of-a-kind pieces pay tribute to the settings that inspire them.

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Michael Pappa | Pine Cone ArtisanMichael Pappa | Pine Cone Artisan
Craftsman Michael Pappa incorporates pine cones and other natural materials into his one-of-a-kind rustic creations.

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Jacen James | Log Furniture CraftsmanJacen James | Log Furniture Craftsman
Minnesota-based artist Jacen James creates work to highlight the traits that make each log distinctive.

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Don Madison, Charred Wood ArtDon Madison | Artist
Damaged from California wildfires, charred trees are given a new breath of life thanks to artist Don Madison.

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Gordon Bryan | TilemakerGordon Bryan | Tilemaker
Material matters when it comes to gorgeous tile—especially if the creator boasts an artist’s pedigree.

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Cory Allen | Sewing Machine in UseCory Allen | Furniture Maker
Celebrating Old World craftsmanship in a contemporary world, furniture maker Cory Allen crafts pieces that complement their owner.

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Michael Legget | BlacksmithMichael Leggett | Blacksmith
With heredity by his side, Alabama native Michael Leggett discovers a hidden talent—and new career—as a blacksmith.

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James Andison | Sculptor & ArtistJames Andison | Wood Sculptor
Sculptor James Andison creates pieces infused with religious and cultural influences, while conveying his love of nature—and especially, wood.

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Dan Schuster | Reclaimed Wood SculptorDan Schuster | Reclaimed Wood Sculptor
Crafting sculptures out of shipping pallets and other vintage lumber, this Iowa native puts a new spin on folk art.

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