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Kick your junk to the curb without heavy lifting. Use these sites dedicated to removing, reusing and recycling your junk.

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April 2008 | Log Home Living
by: Andrew Hanelly

Whether you're making the move to the log home of your dreams or just laboring through your annual spring cleaning, you'll probably end up with a pile of former treasures that now seem to more clearly resemble trash. So how do you kick it to the curb without the heavy lifting? By using these sites dedicated to removing, reusing and recycling your junk.
As the URL suggests, this one is pretty simple: You have junk, and they have trucks to remove it for you. Type in your zip code, find a franchise nearby and book an appointment online. You won't have to lift a finger, but you will have to break out your checkbook.
1-800 Got Junk?
For the family-philanthropist, The Salvation Army offers multiple ways for you to translate unwanted belongings into a tax-deductible donation. Use their Donation Center locator to find a nearby drop-off point or call to schedule a pick up (800-SA-TRUCK).
 Salvation Army Website
If one man’s trash truly is another man’s treasure, then is the bridge between the two. Sift through over 1.7 million nonprofit organizations to find a charity clamoring for your clutter. You may loathe your junk, but will find someone who may love it. is putting a new spin (pardon the pun) on traditional recycling by creating a network of local groups who work to keep usable products out of landfills. Post your unwanted (but usable) goods on the site or pore over the existing listings (if you’re looking to cash in on other people cleaning house). Best part? It’s all free.
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