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Punched Tin Panel | Cabin Decor
Clare's Wares | March 2008 | Log Home Living
by: Clare Martin

Expert Panel

Who can resist the old-fashioned allure of a simple pie safe with a punched-tin door? I certainly can’t—but I also don’t have much spare cash lying around to purchase an authentic version of my own.

That’s why I love these 14-by-10-inch punched-tin cabinet panels from Irvin’s Country Tinware—they can transform any run-of-the-mill cabinet door into an instant slice of Americana. This classic diamond pattern is cut into tin with a rustic, coppery tint, which will look great against the warm tones of your logs.


Call 800-800-4846, or visit their website.

punched tin cabinet panel

Punched Tin Panel Salvaged Tin Stars Hanging Tin Shade
punched tin cabinet panel weathered tin star hanging metal light

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