Step 3 | Prepping the Concrete Form | How to Make a Stepping Stone

Here is the third step in our guide to make your own decorative stepping stone where you will learn how to prep the concrete that will shape your piece.

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Handmade Stepping Stone | Cabin Decor Ideas Step 3: Prepping the Form and Concrete
How To: Make a Decorative Stepping Stone
by: Leah Kerkman | Log Home Design

Step 3: Prep Your Form and the Concrete
Covering Form with PlasticCover your form with either plastic wrap or wax paper. This will make the stone come out easier and protect the form if it happens to be something you also use for baking. I used plastic wrap, but the concrete hardened around some of the crevices.

This isn’t a huge deal, since the bottom will be on the ground, anyway, but you might want to stick with wax paper for a more uniform finish.

Mixing Concrete at HomeMix the concrete according the instructions on the bag. I had to add more water than was called for, but you should definitely start with the recommended amount, especially in humid areas.

Mixing Concrete in a Bucket at HomeKeep mixing! The mix should be the consistency of thick brownie batter.

Honestly, I thought mine was a bit too thick, but once it was in the form, it seemed to spread out pretty well. Also, try to find a mixing bowl without any square corners — my concrete mix kept getting stuck in the crevices.

Spreading Mixed Concrete at HomeNow it’s time to pour your “batter” into the form. Get as much in there as you can.

Leveling Concrete Mix at HomeI put on some rubber gloves and spread it out using my hands, but that’s not necessary if you have some craft sticks or wood scraps that can level the mix out for you.

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