Away From It All: Planning a Log Home in New Mexico

Amidst the solitude of the New Mexico mountains, one couple built a character-filled log home that pays homage to the land around them.

Though Luther and Barbara Robinson are a mile away from their closest neighbor in their log home in Angel Fire, New Mexico, they aren’t exactly lonely.

Log home fitting beautifully into the snowy surroundings

“The day before yesterday we had 75 elk,” says Luther, adding that they often have visits from black bears and hummingbirds, too. But this sort of solitary communion with nature isn’t exactly new territory for the Robinsons. When Luther retired in 1999, he and Barbara drove a motor home across the country for two years. Their extended vacation afforded them the luxury of exploring many locales before deciding on a place to settle.

Originally from the Texas panhandle, the allure of year-round cool temperatures and the beauty of New Mexico, inspired them to build their home in the mountains. After witnessing a stunning view of the Valley of the Utes and observing the natural beauty of the pine trees, spruces and aspens in a rainstorm, Luther and Barbara made up their minds. This was where they belonged.

Elegant yet comfortable dining room with a spectacular view

“I thought we were getting cheated because I wanted good solid logs,” he recalls. Of course the character logs were just as sturdy and now the mottles and pockmarks of the logs are one of the couple’s favorite attributes of the home.  

The rustic logs with hand-carved notched corners average about 12 inches in diameter and give the 3,094-square-foot home exactly the natural look the Robinsons desired. Of course, getting exactly what you want can have its downside.

The loft office is the perfect place to work - or daydream!

Though the Robinson’s still travel, Luther says that now when they’re on vacation, “We look at each other and say, ‘This isn’t as nice as where we live.’”  

Home Details:

Square footage: 3,094

Builder: Scenic Structures

Log Provider: Yellowstone Log Homes