Nature's Symphony

Just because you're working in the kitchen doesn't mean Mother Nature's soothing aura can't surround you.

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Nature's Symphony

It's summertime and you're lounging on your deck, enjoying the sweet song of birds, the chirping of crickets and the rustling of leaves in the breeze. Eventually, though, you'll have to venture inside to refresh your lemonade, cook dinner and clean the grill utensils. But just because you're working in the kitchen doesn't mean Mother Nature's soothing aura can't surround you.

Why not design and decorate your kitchen while the season's inspiration runs high? Let your timbers be the focal point, then add accents with nature's palette, textures and, of course, light so you can enjoy these elements any time of year.

Natures Symphony

A The bay window over the sink captures the outdoor view and bathes the kitchen in warm sunlight. Not to be outdone, the expansive skylight douses the island workstation with light from above.

Task lighting from a colorful stained-glass pendant lamp takes over when the sun goes down. 
B Forgo the typical valence, and treat your windows to hanging bouquets of dried flowers. They'll add natural color and texture without blocking light.
C Live plants and flowers inject color and life into any room, so go ahead and throw in an African violet or a box of geraniums along the windowsill and countertops.
D Wood is a logical accessory for timber frame homes and can be used as flooring, window trim and cabinetry. You don't want to stick to one tone or texture though.

Offset broad, rough-hewn timbers with smooth and narrow plank wood floors that show off the grain, then highlight your cabinets with a coat of tinted stain.
E Accent walls are an easy way to brighten up any room. Here, a burst of red peeks out behind wall-hung cabinets and helps anchor the details of an otherwise neutral-toned kitchen. Open-air shelves let dishware double as a colorful display.

This article was featured in the 2004 Summer issue of Timber Frame Homes.


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