Mirror Image | Mirrors for Your Log Home

Three cool, cheap mirrors for your log home.

by: Clare Martin | Log Home Living

I'll confess: I have a secret love affair with mirrors. I'm not a narcissist (I swear!), but I can't help but check out my reflection every time I pass a shiny surface. I just love the idea of seeing life reflected back to me—probably the reason why I never tire of looking at old photos of friends and family, either. Plus, a great mirror can spruce up your decor, and, when placed strategically, even make a room feel bigger (an old decorator's trick).

There is one thing I don't love about mirrors, though—a lot of them have ludicrously high price tags. I may enjoy catching a glimpse of my reflection every now and then, but not enough to pay a triple-digit sum for the privilege. Even worse, the cheap ones tend to be nothing more than unadorned reflective shapes that add little to your decor. Fortunately, there are a few happy mediums—if you know where to look. I've kicked off the search with these three picks.

Right Round
While the actual reflective surface on CB2's Circles Mirror might be small (only 9 inches in diameter), the metal bands encircling it pack enough of a decorative punch to make up for it. Resembling an old-school vinyl record, the mirror is decidedly hip—but its raw finish gives it enough of a rustic edge to work in log homes, too. You could buy three or four of these for what you'd pay for another mirror, and group them together to make a one-of-a-kind decorative statement. $50. Call 800-606-6252, or visit
Right Round Mirror
What's better than getting a mirror at a great price? Getting a gorgeous piece of wall art while you're at it. That's exactly the effect that World Market's Novica Carved Mahogany Mirror achieves. When the doors (designed to resemble Javanese garden gates) are opened, it's a fully functional mirror, but when they're closed, the mirror is suddenly transformed into a piece of art, the delicate cutouts merely hinting at its true purpose. $59. Call 877-967-5362, or visit
Peek-a-Boo Mirror
The Hook Up
No mudroom should be without one of these multipurpose mirrors: The hooks are perfect for hanging bags, coats and pet leashes, while the shelf provides a convenient perch for sunglasses and keys. And let's not forget the all-important mirror, which lets you do one last hair-and-outfit check before you dash out the door. Target's model is large enough to hold your entire family's loot, and its rich brown finish will complement your logs handsomely. Plus, at this price, you'll have enough cash left over to decorate the rest of your mudroom, too. $75. Call 800-591-3869, or visit
The Hookup Mirror