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Enjoy exclusive images, log home floorplans and the stories behind these beautiful log homes:

winter log home Into the Clouds
With a view that seemingly goes on forever, a New Mexico home delivers an affordable option for its owners and a breathtaking vantage point for taking in nature’s bounty.
Log Home Living | December 2007
chalet style log home Tree Hugger
A Chicago couple builds a dream vacation getaway without disturbing a single century-old pine tree on their lakefront property
Log Home Design | November 2007
DIY wisconsin log home D.I.Y. Dreams
With a little bit of sweat and a lot of help from family and friends, a Wisconsin homeowner went from hobby woodworker to log-home builder.
Log Home Living | December 2007
log home in carolina Mountain Modern
A North Carolina vacation home infuses traditional technique with a contemporary sensibility.
Log Home Design | November 2007
mountain log home Boundless Joy
A playful design and lifestyle come together in a roomy Montana home.
Log Home Living | November 2007