Decorating with Nature

Live plants add color to any room and they're fairly inexpensive too—a big plus if you're decorating on a budget.

  Live plants add color to any room and they're fairly inexpensive too—a big plus if you're decorating on a budget
Yes, it's winter outdoors and most plants and trees are deep under cover, hibernating until the warm weather arrives. That doesn't mean you have to live without color inside, however. If you spend a little time carefully planning and pick the right plants, you can fill your rooms with beautiful blooms and lush leaves that will last until next spring.

Creating the Setting

A single large houseplant makes a statement on its own, but small plants can look like afterthoughts when scattered here and there throughout the home. Instead, consider consolidating your houseplants into one or two main groupings in a large space, such as a family room or great room. This not only gives your plants greater presence, it makes them much easier to care for. (Just think: No more wandering all through the house with a dripping watering can, hoping you didn't miss any thirsty plants!) Another way to have fun decorating with plants and flowers is experimenting with different containers. Decorative flowerpots come in a wide range of materials and colors, so you're sure to find one that complements your decor. Unusual containers, such as baskets, ceramic pots and brass or copper pans, can also look fantastic with plants growing in them. Just set a waterproof liner in the container before you slip a potted plant into it and you won't have to worry about it being damaged by the water or potting soil. Looking to liven up an expanse of railing around a loft or landing? Garden centers sell a variety of brackets tailor-made for hanging pots or window boxes from deck railings. If you try this scheme, buy containers without drainage holes, so you don't end up watering the family and furniture on the first floor. Keep the plants themselves in their own smaller pots. That way, you can lift them out and drain off any moisture that collects in the container after you water them.

Easy-Care Flowers

If you're looking for low-maintenance floral decorations then dried flowers might be a good option. They're not only easy to care for, they're also a great choice for dark spots where live plants just won't thrive, or places like a vacation cabin where regular watering isn't practical. Many common garden flowers dry well, but you can also purchase beautifully preserved blooms, grains, grasses and leaves at most craft stores. Also craft fairs often sell ready-made dried flower decorations, such as wreaths, swags and arrangements. One thing to keep in mind about dried flowers: Even though they require little upkeep, they won't last forever. It's tough to dust them without breaking the petals and stems, and even the brightest blooms will fade after a few months in a bright room. So plan on enjoying your dried arrangements for a season or two, then replace them with something new that catches your eye. Whether you choose live plants, their dried counterparts or even a combination of the two, you'll find these natural materials offer many decorating options. After all, what better way is there to enhance the natural beauty of your log home than with the bounty of Mother Nature herself? exclusive web content comment on this log home article more log home information log home information home