Log Home News: Keystone Award-Winner Selected 9/12/2007

Rocky Mountain Log Homes wins RWC's Keystone Award.

Log Home News: Keystone-Award Announced
Rocky Mountain Log Homes wins RWC's "Keystone Award"

Harrisburg, PA: A keystone is a building term that indicates a solid component upon which something can be built. That keystone is important to the stability of the entire structure. If the keystone fails, the building will surely crumble. And the keystone to any successful business is a solid foundation of loyal clients. With that in mind, The Residential Warranty Company, LLC (RWC) is pleased to announce it's Keystone Award Winner.

For Residential Warranty Company, the nation's premier warranty provider, that means a core of high quality reputable builders who make a stellar reputation their hallmark. Choosing to deal only with builders that demonstrate technical competence, professional building ethics, and financial stability, RWC strives to associate with the cream of the crop in the housing industry.

Rising to the top is Rocky Mountain Log Homes, and RWC is very proud to present them with the prestigious Keystone Award, a symbol of appreciation for a job well done. Headquartered in Hamilton, MT, Rocky Mountain Log Homes has earned the Keystone Award due to a number of factors such as overall customer satisfaction, number of homes enrolled in the program, longevity as a member and screening stability.

Since becoming a member in the RWC warranty program, Rocky Mountain Log Homes has enrolled over 653 homes. Rocky Mountain Log Homes has been a major force in the housing industry. For the past two decades, RWC has dealt with thousands of home builders and has issued warranties on over two million homes across the country.

For more information about the award call Residential Warranty Company at 1-800-247-1812. exclusive web content
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