Log Home Door Material Options

In this series we explore the different options available to you as you choose the best material for your log home door.

Open Sesame
Put your log home's best face forward with the perfect front door.
by: Wyatt Myers

Let’s face it — nothing gives your guests a first impression of your log home quite like the first thing they see: the front door. Not only does it make a bold style statement, but it also provides your home with security, protects it from the elements and even keeps your energy bill down.

Wood doors are the go-to choice for log homes. But in recent years, that notion has changed. A growing number of doors now provide the great look of wood in a material that’s much more durable and energy-efficient. (Fiberglass/composite doors are a good example of this.) In addition, evolving log home styles have made bold choices in materials like steel and aluminum suitable completely acceptable.

The choices are many, but here our are favorites.

Click a thumbnail image for more information on that particular door material.

Solid Wood Door Wood/veneer-finish grade Wood/Veneer-Paint Grade Fiberglass composite door Steel door
Solid Wood

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