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Outdoor Home DecorPortable Outdoor Home Decor | Potent Portables
pend less time worrying about how you’re going to create the perfect outdoor-living environment, and spend more time...well, actually living in it with these outdoor home decor picks.

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Striped Accent PillowStriped Decor for Log Homes | Super Stripes
Stripes are always a classic. (They’d have to be to earn a place on our flag, right?) This perennial pattern can merge with any type of decor, from posh Park Avenue penthouse to cozy cabin in the woods.

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Colored Woven BasketsColorful Log Cabin Decor | Kidding Around
When I need a dash of sunny yellow, vibrant red or shocking pink for not a lot of green, I always head for the kids’ section of my favorite stores. Here are some favorites that blend adult-size sophistication with kid-size fun.

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Mosaic Glass TilesDecorative Tile for Log Homes | Tile Style
It’s a small thing, but nothing has the power to enhance the wow factor of a log home quite like decorative tile.

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Rustic Tableware DecorRustic Table Decor | Table Talk
Once all of your big purchases (dining table, sofa, antler chandelier) are out of the way, it’s time to start concentrating on the nitty gritty—like rustic tableware, for instance.

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Weathered Tin Star Decor Made From Tin | Perfect Tin
Here are a few of my favorite picks for adding a dash of pioneer spirit to your home.

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World Market VaseInternational Decor Ideas | Around the World in Four Stores
re, you could fork out thousands of dollars for a round-trip ticket to Bangkok or Kathmandu to find cheap global accents for your home. But wouldn’t it be easier to just check out one of these stores?

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