The Building Process - Step 6

As part of our eight step guide to a quickly built log home, here is the sixth step in which we discuss how to choose a builder for your dream home.

Think Fast
Eight steps to a quickly built log home
by: Charles Bevier

Step 6 - Choose a Builder:
"The manufacturer may have some suggestions on a builder to use," says Jeff. The choice you make impacts the allocation of responsibilities and, perhaps most important, affects financing and your budget. Because labor might account for 30 to 40 percent of the total cost of a log home, you can save a portion of this by performing some of the work yourself.

You have three options: professionally built, owner-contractor or owner-builder (do-it-yourselfer). To fast track your log home, the last option isn't recommended. Having a pro build your home is the easiest and fastest option, since he will have the expertise, the contacts in the building community and the tools and equipment to avoid challenges that often confound novices. Even if you're serving as the general contractor on your project, you still can fast track it if you stay organized and stick to your plan.

Tom of Southland Log Homes has a recent success story: An investment banker with no carpentry experience constructed the shell of a Southland-produced home in two weeks (OK, he had a little help from friends and family). The customer, serving as an owner-contractor, finished the home in less than six months.

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