The Building Process - Step

As part of our eight step guide to a quickly built log home, here is the second step in which we discuss how to pick the site for your new log home.

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Eight steps to a quickly built log home

Step 2 - Pick a Site:
Start working with local real estate agents or developers. To get into your new home by winter, you'll need to make a quick decision on a lot or parcel. If you already own land, make sure the lot is suitable for building- especially when it comes to slope, soil conditions, accessibility, zoning and use of surrounding properties.

Contact soil engineers in your area and get them cracking on an analysis. Subsurface concerns include the availability, quality and drilling depth you'll need to obtain well water, as well as your building site's ability to pass a percolation or "perc" test. This test is used to determine whether the land will readily accept wastewater from a septic system.

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