The Building Process - Step

Read our eight-step guide to a quickly built log home. Here is the first step in which we discuss how to find financing for your home.

Think Fast
Eight steps to a quickly built log home

Step 1 - Find Financing:
Choose a log-friendly mortgage company that specializes in construction-permanent loans. Then, get pre-approved for a specific amount before you go shopping for designs or a log producer. "We've had clients get in and out of the process in a month," says Tracy Keyser with the System Built division of M&T Mortgage, which offers special loan programs for log home buyers. Even though you plan to fast track this project, give yourself ample time on your construction-loan schedule, Keyser advises; otherwise, you'll pay more in penalties if you go over the allotted time. (You should note that construction loans run from three to 18 months.)

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