Furnishing Success - the Loft

As part of our series on tips for successful log home living spaces, learn more about what you can do to enhance the design of your loft.

Furnishing Success
Tried-and-true tips for successful log home living spaces
by: Home Buyer Publications editorial staff

the Loft
Lofts are one of those design elements that just seems to complete the quintessential log home picture. "I like to design this space as a small indoor getaway, a sitting room or an open den," Brandon says. "I imagine a peaceful place to read, relax or play a little guitar."

While it's important to heed the advice of your designer (after all, it's his or her job to point out potential advantages and pitfalls), ultimately, the only person who can plan the right home for you is you. If a huge master bath or a cozy loft is what you've always envisioned, then go for it.

the Great Room
the Kitchen the Dining Room
the Master Bedroom
the Loft the Master Bathroom
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