How To: Detox Your Lawn | Tips for a Green-Friendly Lawn

Follow these 12 steps to a healthy, organic lawn.

Lawn AdviceShepherd Ogden of outlines his 12-step program to a healthy, organic lawn. His advice: "You have to be patient," he says. "The results are not as immediate, but they are definitely worth the wait."

1. Go cold turkey the first year (no transitioning)
2. Test your soil before applying fertilizer
3. Top dress with compost
4. Apply limestone or gypsum
5. Over seed in spring or fall
6. Brew compost tea
7. Mow grass higher and leave clippings
8. Keep lawn with 5 percent clover
9. Apply corn gluten for weed control in early spring
10. Apply organic fertilizer in early summer and autumn
11. Practice good watering techniques
12. Rake and mow low one last time before winter