Squeak Relief: Cures for Squeaky Floors

Stop wood floors from squeaking with Squeak Relief.

Cure: Squeak Relief

Price: $27.95

What else you'll need: Power drill

How it works: Like Squeak-Ender, Squeak Relief has to be installed through the subfloor. The Squeak Relief method jams a micro-shim between the subfloor and joist to hold a bracket in place while two screws are inserted at 30-degree angles (one through the bracket and joist to the subfloor, and one through the bracket and subfloor alone) to retain a strong grip between the two sections.

Why it's worth it: Its quick installation time and efficiency (the design takes advantage of pre-existing nails) make Squeak Relief a simple fix. It reinforces the connection between the subfloor and the joist with a simple but effective technique, and does so for the cheapest per-unit price.

The downside: In addition to subfloor access issues, using a shim can sometimes cause the subfloor to be lifted too high off of the joist, causing squeaks to be sent to other sections of the floor surface. However, the thin shim that comes with Squeak Relief should help combat this unwanted effect.

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