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Do-it-yourself decor ideas from Log Home Design's Leah Kerkman.

I’ll let you in on little secret: I’m a bit obsessive when it comes to finding deals. If bargain hunting were an Olympic sport, I’m quite confident that I’d handily medal in gold. But when you’re on a budget, even spending an Andrew Jackson on home decor can be a stretch. So, at home, my own decor tends to be an amalgamation of clearance finds and simple, DIY projects.And fear not if you’re not handy with a glue gun—I’m not either. (And I have the fingertip burns to prove it.) In the coming months, I’ll be bringing you some easy-to-re-create home decor projects that even a craft novice like me can handle. The best part? All of the supplies cost less than $20. Now if only the Olympic committee returned my phone calls...

Homemade Decor | Do-It-Yourself Craft Projects

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