What's the Difference? How Handcrafted and Milled Logs Compare

Learn the differences between handcrafted and milled logs.

handcrafted logs What is a Handcrafted Log? Common characteristics of handcrafted logs:

  • Some bark is left on the log for color variation.
  • Logs are irregularly shaped and vary in size.
  • Each log is cut to conform to the one beneath it.
  • To add character, corner lengths often are not uniform.
  • Sealant or chinking adheres the logs to each other and seals gaps against weather.


What is a Milled Log? Common characteristics of milled logs:

  • Logs are stripped of all bark for consistent grain and color.
  • Each log is milled to a uniform shape and size.
  • A beveled edge or tongue-and-groove can be used to interlock logs.
  • Corner lengths are uniformly cut for a precise appearance.
  • Chinking often is unnecessary but can be used for aesthetics.