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Photos from the article "Sunshine State of Mind: Planning a Florida Log Home."

Images of a Florida Log Home: Sunshine State of Mind


florida log home and garden
Garden surrounding a log home in Florida, produced by Suwannee River Log Homes.

Exterior of a log home
Landscaping around the log home's front porch.

View of the log home from behind
Exterior view of the log home, from behind.

Wooden front porch
Casual space provided by the log home's front porch.

wrap-around log home porch
The porch continues to wrap around the exterior of the home.

Outdoor dining deck
Rear exterior outdoor dining space.

Bird's eye view, great room
Bird's eye view of the great room of the log home.

Living room in the log home
More casual living/sitting space in the log home.

Dark wood in the kitchen
Elegance in the kitchen provided by a mix of rustic and elegant design.

Wooden dining area
Rustic dining area complete with antler chandelier.

 Mud Room photo
The mud room intercepts guest between outdoor space and the interior.

Bedroom in the Florida log home
Bedroom in the log home with sloping ceilings.

Bathroom in the log home
Wooden cabinets flank the walls of the bathroom.

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Home by: Suwannee River Log Homes