Step 4 | Finalizing Decorative Stone Design | How to Make a Stepping Stone

Here's the fourth and final step in our "How To: Make a Decorative Stepping Stone" guide.

Handmade Stepping Stone | Cabin Decor Ideas Step 4: Finalizing Stone Design
How To: Make a Decorative Stepping Stone
by: Leah Kerkman | Log Home Design

Step 4: Create Your Stone
Designing a Concrete PadWork quickly but don’t panic. You’ll have about an hour to work with the mix before it hardens too much. You can start embedding items right away, but wait a few minutes (about 15 or so) before attempting to write anything using a craft stick.

Start transferring the rocks from your draft design to the wet concrete mix. Push the rocks in at least halfway. I tried to make them level so the rock would be easier to step on. I worked down the left side and then across the top to give myself a guide.

Placing Stones in Wet CementI actually ended up not needing a whole row of rocks from my draft, but I was able to adjust as I worked. It’s really easy to correct a mistake: Just take the rock out, smooth the spot over and start over.

Handmade Decorative Stepping StoneLet the stepping stone dry for at least 24 hours before moving and 48 hours before removing from the form. The instructions on my mix also recommended avoiding walking on it for 2 weeks.

Now, just find the perfect spot for it in your garden or present it to an outdoors lover as a gift. They’ll think you rock!

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