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Discover the pros, cons, durability and cost of fiberglass/composite material for your log home door.

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Put your log home's best face forward with the perfect front door.
by: Wyatt Myers

Material: Fiberglass/Composite

What It Is:
This relatively new front door material has seen an explosion of unique styles. They have the look (and even the grain) of real wood doors and can be finished to look like solid wood. At the same time, they are extremely energy-efficient.

The Look:
Covers a wide range of looks, from elegant painted doors to suitable imitations of custom solid wood.

Moderate (needs an occasional paint or finish touch-up).

Available in a variety of looks and styles; energy-efficient; virtually maintenance-free; many models carry long warranties.

Can be quite expensive; surface can chip and crack; though some models come close, it’s not a perfect match for solid wood.

$200 to $4,000

Pella Windows and Doors’ Rustic series 4992C, 800-374-4758,
Fiberglass composite door

Solid Wood Door Wood/veneer-finish grade Wood/Veneer-Paint Grade Fiberglass composite door Steel door
Solid Wood
Veneer-Finish Veneer-Paint
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