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As part of our "Green Building Tips" series, learn more about Energy Star appliances that are designed to meet the highest efficiency standards.

Energy-star Approval Green Building Tips by: Kenya McCullum 
Energy Star appliances are designed to meet the highest efficiency standards, and, according to the U.S. Green Building Council, each one translates into a savings of at least $50 per year on your energy bill. For resources on how to incorporate money and environment-saving products and programs into your home, click here. You’ll find a comprehensive list of compliant manufacturers, as well as a rebate finder for savings on energy-efficient products. energy star refridgerator
  If one in 10 homes used Energy Star-qualified appliances like GE's Profile fridge, it would be like planting 1.7 million new acres of trees.
Orient home around the sun Reduce ecological footprint Sustainable building materials
Reduce construction waste Landscape with thought Conserve water
Seal your home Indoor climate control Indoor air quality
Energy-star approved   Long term planning