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Want to go green without spending a lot of green? These green tableware ideas will add panache to your next picnic—while doing their part for Mother Earth.

Log Home Living | by: Clare Martin

It's no secret that "going green" is all the rage these days—every day, it seems like a new eco-friendly boutique or home-decor line bursts onto the scene. And that's good news for us, because as the market becomes more saturated with green products, they'll be easier to find and easier to afford.

Sure, a day when the shelves at your local Wal-Mart are stocked with high-quality, handmade organic goods is still a little out of reach, there are plenty of green deals to be found. I visited some of my favorite eco-friendly online boutiques and came up with this collection of tableware that's sure to add some panache to your next picnic—while doing its part for Mother Earth to boot.

On a trip to Seattle last month, I stayed at a hotel that used these simple bamboo bowls for cereal, and I was struck by how gorgeous they are—the bright, lacquered exterior is the perfect contrast to the down-to-earth wood grain on the inside. Plus, they've got a great pedigree: made by Bambu, a Vietnamese company that puts a premium on worker health and safety, environmental protection and fair labor practices, the bowls are crafted from 100-percent organic, sustainable bamboo.

$17 each

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Bamboo Bowls

Chain of Cool
Two things I love to do most when the weather's nice? Hit the trail on my bike, and crack open a nice, cool beer after I've worked up a sweat. The ingenious designers at Resource Revival, a company in Oregon that makes decorative objects out of used bike parts, must've had me in mind when they created their bicycle-chain bottle opener. Unlike the merely utilitarian openers you'd find at your grocery store, this one screams "summer fun."

$9.50 each

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bicycle chain bottle opener

Bottled Up
While we all try to do our part by putting used bottles in the recycle bin, these glasses take the concept one step further. By simply cutting off the top of a beer bottle and sanding off the sharp edges, the designer created a tumbler that can be used again and again. Not a beer drinker? No problem! The glasses would look just as cool holding juice or milk.

$45 for a set of four

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beer bottle glasses