Decor Tips for Bringing Comfort and Luxury to Your Backyard or Home

Nothing says "luxury" quite like being able to tame Mother Nature. These five innovations will ensure that your cocoon-like comfort doesn't end at the front door.

Nothing says “luxury” quite like being able to tame Mother Nature. These five innovations will ensure that your cocoon-like comfort doesn’t end at the front door. Get a Robot You don’t have to be George Jetson to own a robot these days. The latest robotic cleaners—which are surprisingly affordable—do everything from vacuum and mop your floors to clean out your pool and mow the lawn (the Robomow from Friendly Robotics).

The smart cleaners rely on sensors to interpret their environment and maneuver efficiently. The robotic pool cleaner from iRobot (the Verro) doesn’t require a single hose or pump—just drop it in the pool, turn it on, and watch the magic!
Bedroom Balcony What could be more romantic than stargazing from a private balcony right off your bedroom? Wraparound decks have long been a favorite of log-home owners, but now, personal bedroom balconies are stealing the spotlight.

You don’t have to plan a super-large deck area for this purpose; simply create a space that can accommodate a lounge chair, or a small bistro table and chairs. Want to make the space feel even more secluded? Set it up high above your bedroom’s main level, providing access via a spiral staircase. And don’t forget the telescope!
Build a Fort Remember when you were a kid with big dreams of building a treehouse in the woods—a secluded hideaway just for you and your friends? The grownup version is just as magical!

Whether you plan a quiet office up in the trees, or simply a whimsical tree deck for al fresco entertaining, you’re sure to get a kick out of this nostalgic space. In recent years, the treehouse trend has taken off, with a bevy of books and magazine articles devoted to the design of these classic shelters. While treehouses work in virtually any setting, we can’t think of a better complement than a luxurious log home.

Outdoor Shower

We’ve all seen outdoor showers at beachfront cottages, but today, the outdoor shower is showing up far from the ocean shore. More and more homeowners have tapped into this luxurious outdoor trend, placing outdoor showers at the forefront of sophisticated design—and often just yards away from busy streets. Though an outdoor shower may be a practical necessity for beachfront living, in the average home, it has evolved into a soothing haven for an alfresco soak.

There’s something incredibly liberating about showering behind cedar walls beneath the trees—and knowing the neighbors are just a stone’s throw away.
Oversized Garages It’s a lot easier to fit a sports coupe than an oversized SUV in a standard garage. But which car is more popular today? Definitely the gas-guzzling SUV! What do bigger vehicles mean for our society (aside from higher fuel bills)? Bigger garages! After all, what’s the point of struggling to squeeze that Suburban into your garage when you can easily plan a wider and longer space? The key is planning ahead; think about how many vehicles you’ll want to store, and don’t forget to incorporate space for other garage essentials (lawn equipment, tools, etc.). exclusive web content more log home information log home information home