Squeeeeek No More: Cures for Squeaky Floors

Stop wood floors from squeaking with Squeeeeek No More.

Cure: Squeeeeek No More

Price: $27.95

What else you’ll need: Power drill, tape measure

How it works: Squeeeeek No More (yes, all those e’s are really in the name) approaches the problem from the surface of the floor. Using a specially crafted device, screws are sent through the floor surface and into the joist. A weak spot in the screw allows it to be broken in half, leaving no evidence of a fix-up.

Why it’s worth it: It can be used on practically any floor surface with minimal disruption. Because Squeeeek No More fixes from above, you don’t have to worry about accessing the subfloor, and only the number of screws you have limits the amount of floor you can fix.

The downside: Perfectionists might not be happy with Squeeeeek No More’s performance on hard-surfaced floors. When used on hardwood, vinyl or linoleum floors, the product’s instructions recommend using wood putty, caulk or an appropriately shaded crayon to cover up the small hole left visible by the procedure.

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