Common Roof Styles for Log Homes

The 8 most common roof configurations for today's log homes.

gabled roof dormer

by: Log Home Living editorial staff

Gable Roof

This simple triangle forming a gable is the starting point for a host of designs. "The gable is the country look that most people see in their minds when they think of a log home," says Bob Patschke, design department manager at Wisconsin Log Homes in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
gable roof

Gabled-Roof Dormer

Colonial settlers first used dormers to bring light and air into attic bedrooms. In log homes, dormers are rarely created with full logs. Instead, they are conventionally framed and covered with log siding to save money and engineering hassles.
 gable roof dormer

Cross Gable

A cross gable is two gable roofs set at right angles to each other. It's one of the most popular roof styles for log homes. Inside the home, it allows for a centrally organized foyer, great room and dining room, while still having wings of the home devoted to kitchens, bedrooms and baths.
 cross gable roof

Shed Roof

Often used to cover porches or garages, a shed roof starts at the eaves of the existing roof and continues at a lower pitch. A second-floor option is the shed dormer, employed to create additional space.
 shed roof

Hip On Gable

A partial hip applied to the peak of a gable roof is sometimes used on more elaborate log structures, including lodges. These are both striking and useful, but costly to create.
 hip on gable roof

Saltbox Roof

A saltbox configuration is a shed roof built onto a gable roof at the same pitch and width. It's a convenient way to save money if your budget is tight.
 salt box roof

Hip Roof

This is a gable roof where the ends meet at the same pitch as the rest of the roof. These are expensive to build and add a contemporary feel—making them an uncommon choice for log homes.
 hip roof

Gambrel Roof

In the 1970s gambrel roofs were as common as shag carpet and disco. While they fell out of favor for being too barn-like, the style has recently enjoyed a comeback over detached garages. A gambrel roof gives you more interior room if you want to put guest quarters or a mother-in-law suite over a three-car garage.
 gambrel roof