Choosing Your Log Home Designer

In-house architects can offer a variety of design options, but outside architects can turn your unique vision into reality.

Choosing Your Designer

Most future log-home owners have dreamed about their house most of their lives. What they want and need are usually deeply?or not so deeply?ingrained and just need a little help coming out.

Many people will go back and forth about hiring an architect to design their home. Sometimes this decision will be made for you by virtue of the log home company you choose to work with?many companies have ?one-stop shopping? and offer every service imaginable for a log home, including an in-house architect or designer. If the company you select doesn?t have either of these, then you will certainly want to retain the services of a professional architect.

If you decide to hire an architect, he or she should not only should be familiar with log homes, but also must be able to produce the drawings in a format that will be recognized by the log home company?s design software. If they do not have that ability, then the plans they draw are really more concept drawings so you may discover how your new home will look.

The best way to decide who will design your home is to ask yourself: Are you the type of person who has the ability to visualize how a home will look inside and out before it is built? If not, then using an architect as a complement to the drafting department of the log home company may make sense.

On the other hand, if you can whip open a catalog, look at a home and know it is exactly what you want, then hiring an architect may not be needed. In the end, this home is your dream, and it should be a personal journey to design it exactly the way you want. How comfortable you feel with your vision of how the home will come together will determine how many different people you involve in the process.

Photo illustration by Terry Wild