The Building Process - Step 5

As part of our eight step guide to a quickly built log home, here is the fifth step in which we discuss how to pick a producer for your log home.

Think Fast
Eight steps to a quickly built log home
by: Charles Bevier

Step 5 - Pick a Producer:
Although you should pick a producer as quickly as possible, it's a good idea to have at least three companies offer competitive bids on your design before deciding. Share your budget with them and your desire to fast track your project. "Be blunt," says Jeff. "Tell them, 'I want this done fast, and I'm prepared to do anything.' "

Some companies specialize in fast tracking projects, even if you want a custom design. Tom Riess with Southland Log Homes says his company can go from a customer's hand-drawn sketch to a precut log home package in 35 days, provided the client secures a delivery date for that package. "There are certain months that sell out of delivery dates quickly," says Tom, "but we can usually get a custom design done in that time frame. But the customer needs to get his or her sketch right the first time and avoid changes."

Most companies require a down payment to create construction drawings (10 percent of the log home's estimated package price); other companies require another deposit before cutting logs (40 percent in some cases) and the balance upon delivery. You can hurry this process by giving the producer as much as 50 percent of the cost up front, which can often move your project to the head of the production schedule. "If you go with 50 percent up front, try to negotiate a discount of 3 to 5 percent off the cost of the package," says Jeff.

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