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Memorable designs require planning ahead.

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Our experts pass along the 21 secrets of creating the perfect home. From gorgeous walkways to great design, it's all here.

by: Log Home Design editorial staff

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Memorable designs require planning ahead. "Take the time to design your home carefully," advises Jeremy Oury, AIA, of Kibo Group Architecture in Missoula, Montana. "Hire an architect, and make sure your home is well planned for its site."

For the perfect design, heed Jeremy's advice:

1. Consider Context

Your house should look like it belongs in its setting — it should fit its context. For example, if you have a steep, rocky site, consider elements with similar characteristics, such as exposed rockwork and steep roof pitches. If your home is set on an open plain, consider a hipped roof that's broad and shallow with wide pitches.

2. Design Lifestyle Rooms

Visitors will never forget your home when you incorporate a one-of-a-kind lifestyle room. For example, if your home is in a ski area, consider a ski room complete with warmers, benches and a steam area.

If hunting is your passion, design a sportsman's room that includes storage for hunting gear, a gun cabinet, an indoor-outdoor kennel and other tailored features.

3. More Curves and Angles

Round rooms, angled plans and gentle curves add pizzazz to a home design. However, you need to plan them with care. "We occasionally do a severely angled plan," says Jeremy, "and it works if that's the design philosophy throughout the house. Consistency is key." If you're going for a contemporary flair, consider a shapely octagonal room that echoes other curved lines in your home and offsets the sharp right angles. Work with your architect to capture and echo the curves and lines in the natural landscape.

4. Open It Up

If you want a layout that's exciting yet functional, go for the most popular log home design: an open floorplan. Not only is this plan casual and family oriented, it also allows you to showcase some beautiful, one-of-a-kind logwork.

An open, flowing plan will allow the eye to travel up toward overhead logs and across to dazzling stonework for a sensational view.

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