A Soldier's Gift

“The resources you supply don’t just build homes, they rebuild the broken minds, bodies and spirits of the service members and their families you help.” — Sgt. Mario Murray, U.S. Army


Two years ago, life was a constant struggle for U.S. Army Sgt. Mario Murray. He worried about how he was going to take care of his family and where they would live. Mario’s long list of physical injuries and the post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) he received from a deployment to Afghanistan in May 2011 set limitations, ultimately preventing him from providing his family with the financial and emotional support they needed and stripping him of the everyday liberties he used to enjoy. After fighting to protect America’s freedoms, Mario now has to fight to protect his family.

When Operation FINALLY HOME and the Pulte Group, a national builder, learned of the Murrays’ story, every effort was made to bring hope and security to the family by providing them with a mortgage-free home. The Murrays received the keys to their new house in Florence, New Jersey, in April 2015.

“Operation FINALLY HOME and its donors and partners have given me the ability to sleep at night without worry,” Mario proclaims. “I sacrificed a lot in the service, and not being able to provide a stable place to live was a hard fact I faced daily. Now, I feel a deep sense of relief because of the kindness of so many people who came together to be a blessing for my family.”


More than one year later, Mario is at peace, enjoying his new home with his wife and kids and living in South Jersey. For Mario, there’s nothing better than the moments when his family joins together in their living room — his favorite spot in the house — to talk about their day and spend quality time with one another. He and his family also have been able to explore their new community, making close friendships with their neighbors who have welcomed them with open arms.

“My goal is to give back to the community as they have given back to me,” said Mario. “I recently started a community band, Musik Genius Academy, to provide music education to the youth who are eager to learn how to play an instrument and sing. And, on Memorial Day, I play Taps for my fallen brothers and sisters and explain the significance of Memorial Day to the children while honoring the fallen.”


Hero House - Building Homes, Rebuilding Lives

Mario and his family send an earnest thank you to all who donate. “Being injured is difficult when you’re used to being a healthy soldier, not to mention the stress our families endure when we are unable to provide. The resources that you all supply don’t just build homes, they rebuild the broken minds, bodies and spirits of the service members and their families. Thank you for being a blessing to my family.”

Log Home Living is proud to support Operation FINALLY HOME and its mission through our “Hero House” initiative. Our goal is to raise $100k by Labor Day. To make a donation that will help rebuild the lives of brave men and women in need like Mario, visit