A Matter of Taste

In this wing of Log Home Design Ideas, we’ll explore rooms with decorating themes ranging from contemporary to Early American.

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A Matter of Taste

You're about to walk through a host of log home decorating styles that may strike your fancy. In this wing of Log Home Design Ideas, we'll explore rooms with decorating themes ranging from contemporary to Early American. You can compare traditional design's formal elegance with the whimsical informality of camp or cabin style. See rustic Adirondack décor with its twigs, branches and birch bark, and the soft floral patterns and white lace of romantic design.

The cowboy room has all the trappings of an authentic dude ranch, while the northwoods room brings the great outdoors inside. And when you finally tear yourself away from the vibrant colors of the Southwest room, stop over at the lodge for cigars and a snifter of brandy. We'll leave the door open.

In the days of the Old West, dude ranchers didn't shop for furniture. They made their own chairs, tables, desks and bed rames out of lodgpole pine. Furniture makers still use the wood in their creations. Its swollen burls and gnarled shape help make eachy piece of furniture unique.

Take cowboy chic to another level by upholstering such furniture with cowhide or horsehide. Some even choose to use the material on windowcoverings.

Cowboy memorabilia such as boots and spurs, leather chaps or bandanas can liven up the bunkhouse. Antler chandeliers are popular, as are lamps, sconces and other light fixtures featuring Western motifs. Lampshades glowing with silhouettes of buffalo heads, Native American warriors or bronco-busters, and coffee tables with relief images of cowboys sitting around a campfire all help capture the essence of life on the range.

Sleek lines and uncluttered spaces are the hallmarks of contemporary, or modern, design. Keep things clean and simple with unadorned cabinets, plain panel doors and sparsely decorated walls. All that's needed is a piece or two of modern art, in the form of a painting or sculpture, for embellishment.

Earth tones featured on textured walls or carpeting are included in contemporary color schemes. But black and white stand out as the predominant colors, especially in the leather or fabric upholstery.

Natural and fabricated materials work in concert to provide furnishings that are comfortable yet hip.

Blonde woods or logs with light or colorwashed finishes have a welcoming glow that soften the harshness of black iron railings and balusters, shiny stainless steel appliances, cold metal sculptures and glossy stone counter tops seen in so many modern dwellings.

Bring a little romance into your log home with glowing candles, crystal bowls heaped with fragrant potpourri and baskets of flowers that burst with color.

The heart grows fond at the sight of gauzy linens and silk flowing over brass beds. Soft light from windows topped with shirred valances and framed by ruffled tiebacks breaks through lace curtains.

Make extensive use of floral print textiles, including English chintz, ribbon and painted pieces to achieve the romantic look. Adorn wooden floors with needlepoint rugs.

Antiques like china dolls and framed family pictures enhance the intimacy of a room. Use shining porcelain and silver pieces or dazzling heirloom jewelry to highlight the dark wood finish of Victorian furniture.

For more hints on decorating styles, from Early American to Adirondack, read the complete article in the April 2002 issue of Log Home Design Ideas.