Planning a Log Home

There’s a whole process to get from visionary to homeowner with blueprints in hand. It entails asking lots of questions, researching ideas and picking the ones that make sense for your lifestyle. We’ll guide you through it all in this planning section.

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Choosing Logs
Deciding on a log package - One of the key moments in purchasing a log home. How do you know that you are making the right choice?
Builder or General Contractor? It's Your Choice
Great advice for picking the right people to build your dream home.
How Log Home Construction is Different From Covential Building Methods
How Log Home Construction is Different From Covential Building Methods
Learn how log walls come together a little differently than conventional construction.
Quiz: What Style of Log Home Are You?
There are so many types of log homes. Which style should you choose?
7 Types of Popular Log Home Wood
7 Types of Popular Log Home Wood
Check out these 7 popular log home wood species to build the right home for you and your family.
What Do You Need to Qualify?
What Do You Need to Qualify for a Home Loan?
Getting a loan on your dream home is an important step in creating your own log home. Find out what you need to do to qualify.
How to Pick the Perfect Piece of Land
How to Pick the Perfect Piece of Land
Looking for the perfect plot for your log home? These 5 tips will help make buying land easier than ever.
5 Reasons to Own a Log Home
5 Reasons to Own a Log Home
When it comes to warmth, character and charm, nothing beats a log home. And there is no time like now to have your own.
Your Guide to Daylight Basements
Your Guide to Daylight Basements
Is a daylight basement right for your log home? We examine the key factors to consider.
The Logs Have Arrived!
Why Your Relationship with Your Builder is Crucial During the Construction Phase
It’s finally log delivery day for Becky and Gary, and through all their excitement, they realize the most important player in t...
HomeZada: The 21st Century To-Do List
The App That Will Keep You on Budget
The HomeZada app keeps you on budget during your log home renovation.
Recreating Fort King
How a Log Manufacturer Restored Fort King in Florida
A historic Florida fort gets a little re-fortification of its own, thanks to a New York log manufacturer.
Adding on to Your Log Home
Log Home Additions: How to Add On
Expanding your current home could be the answer, and though a log home is a little tricky when it comes to additions, it’s tota...
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Log Home Road Trip to Wisconsin: Log Home Companies
Check out these awesome Wisconsin log home companies to help you build your dream place.
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Log Home Road Trip to Wisconsin: Dine and Shop
Find the best places to dine and stop in Wisconsin on our log home road trip.
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Reader Submitted: 9 Log Home Vacation Spots
Get a personal feel for some amazing log home destinations, courtesy of our readers!
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How to Choose The Right Log Home Builder
Hiring an experienced, professional builder is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in the entire log home process. ...
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This Solar-Powered Water-Pumping System is Great for Off-Grid-Living
This product solves all problems of electricity and water, so you can continue to live as deep into nature as you please.
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Log Home Floor Plan: Check Out This Ranch Hybrid
For his 5-acre site near a county park around Lake Wazeecha in Wisconsin, Zach Parmeter wanted a home that would fit in to the ...
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Log Homes Month Extra Giveaways
In honor of July's National Log Homes Month, Log Home Living is offering extra giveaways!